If you are interested in financing your purchases in several months, we will study your case. You can send us an email or call us and we will process it in less than 24 hours (only offline purchases).

Or if you prefer, we can call you too, just send a contact form, indicating all your details and we will call you.

For the processing of the financing we will only need your ID number and your personal data as financing operations are subject to particular situations of each client.

The financing will be INTEREST FREE, the customer will only have to pay a small fee of 70€ according to the costs of the study and opening of the operation.

In a maximum of 48h we will give you the acceptance of your operation, your order will be launched and you will receive the product in the established delivery time.


You can also make your purchases both online and offline by Bank Transfer, Paypal or with Credit or Debit Cards.


The Secure Electronic Commerce system developed by Visa and MasterCard is based on a secure Internet payment platform where the card issuer identifies the cardholder before authorizing the payment, guaranteeing the privacy of his or her data.

This service is directly provided by the issuing entity or by the corresponding credit institution, and any incident that may arise in the process is its responsibility.


You can pay quickly and securely at INRETAIL SHOP by choosing this payment method. Paypal is a payment platform with many advantages for the user.

PayPal is a secure payment method that allows you to quickly pay for items without entering your bank details on the seller's website, as you only give your data to PayPal when you create your PayPal account. The data is encrypted and remains in a secure environment forever. If you already have an account with PayPal, you can use it on our website to pay for your purchases quickly and securely.

In case you haven’t a Paypal account, no problem, because by choosing this method as a payment method,, you will be redirected to PayPal platform website where you can enter your bank and personal data and create a secure account.

The process is very easy because you only have to link a bank account or credit card number to the platform and your purchases will be fully secured and guaranteed.

However, you can always choose to create a Paypal account if you don't have one or choose another payment method.


Payments by bank transfer are made once the order is confirmed, having previously chosen "transfer" as payment method on our website.

You receive an e-mail with the amount of the order and our bank details where you will have to make the transfer. We do not accept checks or similar methods. It is essential that once you make the transfer you notify the order number provided in the purchase confirmation, as well as the identification of the account holder.

The order will be definitively validated once we receive the transfer. At that time, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

You will have a period of 3 days to make the payment by transfer to the INRETAIL SHOP account. If the period expires, your order will be cancelled.

IMPORTANT: delivery times start counting after receiving the transfer.

For compliance with the Data Protection Law business transactions are conducted in a secure server environment under SSL protocol and all communications are transmitted encrypted to ensure the highest level of protection.

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