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Matériaux de nos comptoirs

Our counters have been designed following the latest trends in interior design for commercial equipment. We have selected the best materials and we have followed an avant-garde line for all, but different between them.

Exclusive designs and highly resistant materials

Our mission is satisfy any of your needs for you to get the shop of your dreams.

The counter is the product of greater use within the commercial equipment, and for that reason we have focused on the resistance offered by its finishes to guarantee a greater durability of our products.

We work wood in a tradictional way. We rely on the most innovative machinery to achieve the best results. Thanks to that, we have counters with elegant, unique and original designs. The textures selected for our designs are marbles, oxides, different wood textures and cement imitation. Our mission is satisfy any of your needs for you to get the shop of your dreams.

Comptoirs en bois
Comptoir texture en vitrine

We have focused on resistance to scratching, abrasion and chemical products. We know that the counters will be exposed to a great use and for that reason we have selected anti-scratch, highly durable and great quality materials for the point of sale.

That is why all our counters comply with the EN 438:2005 standard, which establishes the special requirements regarding the resistance of decorative laminate surfaces.

Special attention to details and eco-friendly products

Careful manufacturing process

We take care of the manufacturing processes of all our products. From cutting, machining and edging, to the smallest detail; so that the resulting products are of excellent quality.

Sustainable wood

The wood used in all our products comes exclusively from thinning wood, quality waste wood from selected sawmills, as well as carefully selected recycled wood.

Resistant protection

The metal surfaces have a protection against oxide in epoxy base; a material that protects the surface obtaining high quality results and also is respectful with the environment.

The paint used for the lacquering of the pieces is water based, and the waste caused is strictly managed according to the current waste management regulations.

Sustainable development

For Inretail, sustainability is fundamental. For that reason all our products are designed to last over time. We select high quality materials with exceptional ecological characteristics.

The forests which the woods come from, are completely managed forests in a durable way. The supply chain is also controlled through the FSC and PEFC certificates.

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